Welcome to PyBots.

The idea behind the Pybots project is to allow people to run automated tests for their Python projects, while using Python binaries built from the very latest source code from the Python subversion repository. Read below for more information about the project.

App Development Journey

It was about 2 years ago when I decided to make a jump to mobile app development. At that time I wasn’t sure what I was doing but it felt like right thing to do. I saw a lot of innovation and many new companies coming up with great ideas.


So I decided to make a shift from Python web apps to mobile app development. Specifically I started with Android and moved to Objective-C and XCode. It was a steep learning curve, but I’m glad I did it. Not because of the money, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I’m staying current with the latest technologies. If you’d like to get an introduction to the subject, contact App Development Australia.


One big issue you’ll come across is, that you’ll see the whole industry is moving really fast. It wasn’t completely two years now, and when I thought I understand enough about iOS based apps, Apple announced they’re releasing a new mobile app development language called Swift.


But the good news is, with the latest improvements, it will become much more easier to hit the ground running. For someone who is learning iOS app development with Swift, will not have to worry about many low level things as memory management.


However I do have to point out that just because you learnt how to make mobile apps, it doesn’t make you a great app entrepreneur. There’s a lot more involved in transitioning from an app to a fully funded business. You’ll have to learn how to run a business as well as app marketing to grow the user base.


If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get in touch with few great mentors who will be able to guide you along with the learning process. Take the initiative to contribute for open-source projects. If you’re completely new, volunteer for mobile app companies – so that you’ll be able to build your skills.


Finally, don’t be disappointed at the speed of results. It’s a slow learning process, with so many weekends and nights working on your coding. But that’s a price you’ll have to pay for a much greater reward.