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A little history

by Grig Gheorghiu (grig at gheorghiu dot net)

The idea behind the Pybots project is to allow people to run automated tests for their Python projects, while using Python binaries built from the very latest source code from the Python subversion repository.

The idea originated from Glyph, of Twisted fame. He sent out a message to the python-dev mailing list (thanks to John J. Lee for bringing this message to my attention), in which he said:

"I would like to propose, although I certainly don't have time to implement, a program by which Python-using projects could contribute buildslaves which would run their projects' tests with the latest Python trunk. This would provide two useful incentives: Python code would gain a reputation as generally well-tested (since there is a direct incentive to write tests for your project: get notified when core python changes might break it), and the core developers would have instant feedback when a "small" change breaks more code than it was expected to."

—Glyph Lefkowitz

Well, Neal Norwitz made this happen by setting up a buildmaster process on one of the servers maintained by the PSF. He graciously allowed me to maintain this buildmaster, and I started by adding a buildslave which runs the Twisted unit tests (in honor of Glyph, who was the originator of this idea) every time a check-in is made in the Python trunk or in the 2.5 branch.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please read these instructions on setting up a Pybots buildslave, take a look at the Pybots FAQ, then send a message to the Pybots mailing list and I will send you a slavename and a password.

Sample buildslave scripts contributed by various people are available in the project's svn repository, under trunk/slave.

People who would like to set up a Windows buildslave are encouraged to read Sidnei da Silva's experiences on setting up a Win32 buildslave.

Current setup

Here are the buildslaves that are currently part of the Pybots buildbot farm:

Builder name Project(s) tested Pre-requisites installed Owner
amd64 Ubuntu Hard
MySQLdb, CherryPy,
MySQL, Postgresql, Bazaar Elliot Murphy
x86 Windows 2003 lxml (dev, stable) Bazaar (dev, stable) libxml2, libxslt, zlib, iconv Sidnei da Silva
sparc Solaris 10 Django N/A Matthew Flanagan
g5 OSX SQLAlchemy N/A Skip Montanaro
x86 Gentoo Trac, SQLAlchemy N/A John Hampton
x86 Ubuntu Hardy Twisted setuptools, zope.interface, pycrypto, pyOpenSSL Graeme Glass

Here are buildslaves that are in the process of being set up:

Builder name Project(s) tested Owner
x86 Debian Optik (aka optparse) Greg Ward
x86 Debian #2 TurboGears Kevin Dangoor
TBD nose Jeff McNeil
x86 Suse 10.1 egenix-mx-base Marc-Andre Lemburg

Candidate projects for inclusion in Pybots

Here are some projects that are candidates for testing, if anybody is interested in picking them up. Seo Sanghyeon came up with the initial list. According to him, all these projects are actively developed, in extensive use, and have good test coverage. If you are interested in testing any of these projects, or you have other projects in mind that you'd like to test, please send a message to the Pybots mailing list.